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Staff’s system permissions, validate medical records, test results, Medicine claims, medication or insurance declarations, Ease E.R. and patient registration.

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Keeping medical records protected

Medical records are one of the most private and intimate pieces of information a person can have and because of this, it needs to be secured. Fraudsters are getting smarter everyday and any piece of sensitive information can be used for fraudulent purposes. Avoid risk, detect suspicious actions and secure medical information from visual hacking and data leaks that might take your healthcare institution into legal problems. By applying GuacamoleID biometrics facial matching, you can grant access to medical records and sensitive information only to authorized staff, linking documents to specific professionals. 

Bring patients and practitioners securely together during telehealth

Telehealth has become a comfortable and practical way to receive medical assistance remotely. Just like in the physical medical room, patients and practitioners build a relationship based on trust and trust is built on the knowledge that the people we interact with and give personal and sensitive information to are who they say to be. Achieve this with more reliable and stronger user authentication when accessing telehealth services with GuacamoleID´s video-based user authentication.

Making sure to reach the right person when dispensing medication

Medication dispensing technology has improved patients´ wellness by giving them better access to oral and self-injectable medicines. This allows them to manage their treatments and get access to medicine that is not in their area or when the local pharmacy or doctor is hard to reach. Still, healthcare institutions need to address an important issue: knowing that the person who receives the medication is the right one.GuacamoleID verifies the identity of the patient and assures the provider that they are dispensing the medication only to the authorized patient. 

Providing real-time tools for optimizing emergency response

Emergencies demand immediate action, especially if a fast reaction might be the difference between saving a person’s life or not. In situations like this, whether in a little town´s emergency room, a health facility or a military hospital, when it is a matter of health, immediate and real-time optimization tools are the keys that make the difference.  Guarantee your patients instant access to their medical records in the most extreme situacion through video-based biometrics.

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