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Optimizing the government workforce by providing a unique video-based authentication tool for citizens and travelers, making borders smarter for imigration control enhancement.

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Unifying registration processes with privacy-first user authentication

By using new technologies like Artificial Intelligence applications governments can provide tools to turn a complicated government interaction into a friendly experience. GuacamoleID provides strong video biometric MFA with zero-trust architecture to verify anything and everything attempting to establish access, while keeping government data and identities reliably protected from cyber attacks. 

Optimizing government workforce response

Governments are always under high pressure to provide fast processing and response. Improve your workforce performance and automate their work by providing a robust privacy-first user verification tool.

By using GuacamoleID, the government employees will have a robust multi-factor authentication tool to securely login and continuously keep their devices secure.

Making borders smarter for imigration control enhancement

It takes around $10 billion dollars to perform immigration control and it is very hard to monitor every single person entering or leaving the country. GuacamoleID starts the process of screening before passengers reach the officers with a sophisticated privacy-first video-based faceID app.

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