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Access control to premises and production lines. Private authorized access to specific sectors. Workforce access verification to manufacturing facilities. Device access verification and management. Visual hacking prevention on company devices. Fraud and intrusion assessment and prevention. Clean desk policies enforcement for fraud and espionage prevention. Real time vulnerabilities assessment and management. Sensitive data risk detection.

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Protect your supply chain without delaying it

Industrial espionage is an issue that industries consistently fight and prevent with useful resources varying from encryption, digital signatures or PKI cards. Modern manufacturing demands seamless solutions. When moving goods around urban areas or through long distances and facilities, several people are involved. Protect your workforce and your supply chain by giving permission only to certain people  without interrupting their duties. 

Stopping internal and external fraud

Visual hacking has the potential to destroy companies just by allowing anyone to gather sensitive information enough to disrupt operations and systems. Manufacturers need to think proactively and cover every angle of their security. Guacamole’s facial technology allows or restricts real-time access to any machine or device.

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Industries and Manufacturers

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