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GuacamoleID is the first CVIV, Continuous Video-Based Verification Platform, to make sure there is always the right person behind any device. It is a cloud-independent app that grants access only to authorized users and blocks any device that detects anyone not authorized getting in the camera field of view. GuacamoleID protects users and devices from usual visual hacking threats such as shoulder surfing or prying eyes.

The technology: Zero trust architecture

Our technology uses the camera on the device to perform active liveness detection in contrast to passive or image-based. Using video and simple user actions provides:

-More facial biomarkers for highly precise face detection.

-Movement detection information for a more complete user register.

-Increased anti-spoofing protection.

-Systematic Real-time detection and protection.

Enhance user conversation and workforce productivity

GuacamoleID app gives zero-friction access to devices and online interactions. It doesn’t need a selfie with perfect light because it uses the camera on the device to capture the video footage and is trained to do so under highly unrestricted environments. GuacamoleID makes customer onboarding, log-in, recovery, and conversion easier and seamless. When applied to the workforce, their performance becomes more productive by saving frustration and time.


Privacy Perserving

No Aditional Hardware is Required

Customizable and Easy to Use‚Äč

Cloud-Independent for a faster and affordable experience.

Privacy first GDPR and HIPAA Compliant

Closed-loop Architecture for Maximum Cybersecurity

And much more…

Making enterprise operations
more secure and efficient

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Educational Institutions

Travel Industry

And much more…


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