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GuacamoleCX is the only bespoke, privacy first, AI technology platform automating human oversight by providing actionable insight for enterprises. It is the ultimate performance-optimization tool to give a true business insight like no other to a wide variety of applications. Based on your privacy protocols and clean-desk policies, GuacamoleCX performs employee and workspace supervision with an emphasis on out-of-place objects and behaviors, while preserving their privacy.

The working space is a fruitful landscape for anyone trying to get hold of sensitive information. This data is available to anyone going by, employees shoulder surfing or prying eyes. Clean desk policies contribute to this matter but in the end, these policies depend on people doing the right thing. When that is not enough, technology like GuacamoleCX comes to do the job. 

The importance of privacy in the workplace

GuacamoleCX is any company´s tool willing to fight internal fraud in main sectors such as banking and customer service but also basically in any corporate sector and working space where internal fraud coming from employees handling sensitive data may arise. GuacamoleCX supervises employees’ behavior and their environment to enforce the clean-desk policy, while preserving employees’ privacy. When it identifies an unauthorized object, a suspicious action, or an unauthorized person, GuacamoleCX records the incident and sends the footage (100% encrypted and with a privacy layer for privacy protection) to the human supervisor or system administrator for review. Unlike any other solution, GuacamoleCX employs a proprietary group of facial matching, object detection, and behavioral analytic AI algorithms, running locally, in users’ computers, without any need to transfer data to the cloud or using expensive servers. 


Privacy Preserving


Customizable and Easy to Use​

No Need of High Speed Connection​

GDPR and HIPAA Compliant ​

Closed-loop Architecture for Maximum Cybersecurity​

And much more…

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