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Financial Industry

Protect your customers through zero-friction authentication

Safer ATMs. Online and offline payment transactions. Banking system administration. Permissions for the staff. Secure credit requests. Applications and account openings.

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Maximize Trust and Eliminate Accounts takeover

Banks provide users with passwords, tokens and a few even implement  biometric authentication. But if a bank takes cybersecurity really seriously, two-step authentication is not enough. Customers need to be protected all through their account interaction. Even if the real authorized users are operating, their information can still be at risk. GuacamoleID guarantees on-device faceID verification for safe customer login, banking interactions and protection against account takeover fraud.

Secure Transactions and Payments with video-based MFA

When validating transactions, customers need to feel that any step on the way is safe. Banks are aware of this and try to build an experience that is both user-friendly and secure. However, nowadays with digital finance around the globe, in any moment and place, banks need not only to avoid, but prevent higher risks. By adding GuacamoleID to the authorization process, you are offering robust privacy-first on-device Face ID protection to  which only the customer has the key.

Shield ATM machine interaction

Using ATMs should feel as safe as doing any bank transaction on a digital device because a big number of customers, especially those not confident with using technology. Skimmer devices are the worst enemy of ATM machines, but not with GuacamoleID.  If your ATM machine is guarded by GuacamoleID, we authenticate the customers’ biometrics while they are using their card.

Protect online /offline DeFi and Crypto transactions

The crypto world is an open canvas for financial transactions. But it is also a wide-open landscape of opportunities for hackers and fraudsters. Facilitate your customer´s outgoing transactions and assure them of secured movements with an identity solution that protects them and their money, verify and authenticate users, avoid fraud, identity theft and prevent vulnerabilities. GuacamoleID is the ultimate security step for crypto. Its video-based active liveness detection ensures P2P user validation, ensuring identity-confirmed transactions.

Increase customer satisfaction with video-biometric login

Financial institutions that choose to be reactive instead of proactive have the obligation to guarantee a seamless but also protected process from beginning to end to every client because the price of not doing it is too high. Customers across industries just wish for the same: to interact with their service providers the fastest and safest. Using GuacamoleID, they do so with no intricate passwords.

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