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Guacamole AI is a privacy-first biometric platform created and designed to secure endpoints and enterprises´ transactions and interactions from any kind of intrusion, visual hacking or data leaks. It is the only continuous video-based biometric system delivering simple, reliable, accurate and non-invasive facial matching technology. Guacamole AI is the key to authenticating access, securing payments, remote working identity verification and many more cybersecurity issues that every sector working with technology has to go through.

Many services such as buying tickets, paying taxes or remote working can be performed online. Technology makes human life easier but does it make it safer? Just like in real life, having our personal information stolen or our identity taken is a real threat. Sensitive data must be, therefore, secured and verified constantly in order to guarantee two very human needs: security and privacy. 

Why is privacy-first AI technology important?


The first CVIV, Continuous Video-Based Identity Verification Platform to make sure there is always the right person behind any device

The only bespoke privacy-first, AI technology platform automating human oversight by providing actionable insights for enterprise

Guacamole AI was created to provide comprehensive tools to secure any interaction being digitally performed so that the user,  whether an individual, an employee or a company, has the certainty that those actions are completely safe and guarded from intrusion, both internal or external. Guacacome AI smart solutions provide on-going identity authentication, absolute data control for the user as its technology is cloud-independent and at the same time, offers complete protection from intrusion.


  • A privacy-first biometrics platform that secures end-points and transactions for enterprises.
  • the only real time continuous video biometrics system delivering the most reliable, accurate, privacy first facial recognition system.
  • Our proprietary AI biometrics match facial features using continuous real time video authentication, identification, verification and situation analysis providing faster decision-making, preemptive security, and overall data breach awareness.

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